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Equity Reports for Indian Investors

Infostock is a Single Stock based Equity Research Report for Indian Investors, covering financial and business information on selected stocks trading on The National Stock Exchange of India (Nifty). The research is accessible online to individual subscribers for personal reading under annual subscription fee. In stock market different types of profit making opportunities arise at time to time. Only thing required is timely decision. Infostock is suitable to all kinds of Investors (except day traders) whether new or well experienced on the subject, plan to make single or regular investments, interested in short-term or long-term investment plan hence it is being enjoyed by the Indian Investors not only residing in India but also working abroad and want to support Indian Economy as well as make good profit from it.

Our Vision

We believe that India has a great potential to become the most gainful country for the world Investors. Our Young Entrepreneurs are showing great interest to achieve new heights in different industrial and service sectors. Many Indian companies have now global market for their products and services. Our small savings can play a great role to develop our nation once we update our knowledge on the stock market investment and provide enough fund support to our Business Community. Currently India has a population of 134 crore approximately and out of this just around 3% of people invest in equity market which is very low comparing other countries.

Our Mission

As you very well know that Stock Market Investment is the best and easiest solo-business for anybody where one can make profit in multiples but only when investment is made on the basis of good research of stocks of different companies. Equity Research Reports are always an easy way to update knowledge of oneself with the latest investment opportunities in the stock market. We have interest to provide valuable information in processed and easy to understand form to our subscribers so that more and more Indian Investors take interest in this solo business, participate in the development of our nation and gradually create wealth to enjoy their future.

Our Clients

Infostock Equity Reports are being enjoyed by Indian Investors residing in many parts of the world just because of its simplicity, uniqueness and quality research. We work hard to assess financial values of different companies listed on The National Stock Exchange of India on regular basis and extract the best investment opportunities for our clients. Indian Investors gain from our reports as well as free information available on our website and our online network time to time. With Infostock, one can easily come to know of a number of investment opportunities and make good profit from stock market invest at the ease and create wealth for future.

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Investment in knowledge always pays interest.

Stock Market

A Powerful country needs strong Economic Growth therefore it becomes necessary to utilize public savings in large scale to develop Industries and Service Sectors at high speed in the country. Most of the countries in the world have several Stock Exchanges to control world business and fund. India has two major Stock Exchanges; The National Stock Exchange of India that is called “NIFTY” and Bombay Stock Exchange that is called “SENSEX”.

It has become very easy these days to buy or sell stocks through online share trading, using an internet device or even phone calls basis. An Investor has good choice to select the most suitable DEMAT service provider in India among several banks and share trading firms. One can download a good free mobile app to keep watch on one's stock portfolio easily.

The National Stock Exchange of India was incorporated in November 1992, promoted by leading financial institutions, banks, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries in India to provide platform to the World Business Communities, Share Trading Firms and all kinds of Fund Providers whether small or big to get connected in safe manner under the laws of Indian govt., convert their business dreams into reality and make good gain on their short term as well as long term investments with enough freedom.

Go slow if you are new in stock market.

Terms of use

  • Infostock is an online accessible single stock based financial research. It covers selected stocks trading on The National Stock Exchange of India (Nifty).
  • Our interest is not to advise you in your financial investment because you may have different investment strategies but to save your time in researching stock market and companies trading on The National Stock Exchange of India (Nifty).
  • Information offered or linked on our website is purely for information purpose for the Indian Investors. An investor must verify each information provided on this website at his/her end.
  • Stock Market Investment Business is controlled by several factors like Business of company, Performance of company, Financial Results, Corporate News, Govt. policies, Economic conditions of the country, Global Market Trends etc. therefore every decision of buy, hold and sell must be based on proper study of financial status of stock and market condition.
  • Price of any stock may rise high or fall down sharply in a single day therefore stock market investment is taken as a highly risky business for money.
  • You must visit the website of the stock we cover in our equity report and study about the business of company and the latest news about the company.
  • We try our best efforts to provide correct information to our readers. In case you find any error, please inform us immediately and correct your records.
  • The format of providing information under Infostock can be increased / decreased / modified at any time to keep the value and betterment in our services.
  • Our services are offered to provide assistance in stock market research and information to Indian investors without giving any assurance of profit and taking no liability of financial loss because our research is based on past and present information.
  • Readers and Subscribers must agree to all above points and update their knowledge regularly from different sources like newspapers, magazines, television channels, websites etc. and take decision of buy, hold or sell of any stock at their own knowledge, time and risk.
  • Knowledge

  • Investment in Knowledge always pays Interest.
  • If you know how to earn money, then better also learn how to invest it.
  • Stock Market Investment Business is a Game, don't play it like a Gamble.
  • Stock Market Investment is not a business to make profit from every deal. It is a business to make profit from average deal.
  • It is easy to make money in stock market if you start slow.
  • If your stock moves in opposite direction than your plan, it is better to bear small loss rather than wait and let the loss become big.
  • Focus to minimize your financial risk and invest in good stocks for more than a week at least.
  • In Stock Market Investment, Stop Loss Target is the most important rule to keep you remain an investor so better fix Stop Loss Target in advance for your every stock.
  • You don’t make loss when the price of your stock falls down from your bought price, you make loss when you sell it at the fallen price.
  • Invest small amount on few good stocks rather than big amount in one good stock.
  • Do not get emotionally attached to the stocks you hold in your portfolio. Sell them at reasonable gain.
  • Long Term Investment in a stock does not mean invest and forget for more than a year. It means invest and check financial values of the stock on quarterly basis and if everything goes well, only then hold it for another quarter.
  • To make money from Stock Market your own knowledge is the most faithful tool. So, better update it regularly.
  • In Stock Market Investment Business, once you start taking the blame for your own loss, your mind starts to help you take right decision.
  • In Stock Market Investment, making of profit is possible if you take others' advices but when you follow others' decisions, making of profit becomes a chance for you.
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    The Longer you hold a good stock, the bigger you make profit.

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