Basics of Stock Market Investment

  • Investment in knowledge always pays Interest.
  • If you know how to earn money, then better also learn how to invest it.
  • Stock Market Investment Business is a Game, don't play it like a Gamble.
  • It is easy to make money in stock market if you start slow.
  • For working people, it is a good habit to save a part of monthly salary and invest in stock market to achieve financial freedom.
  • If your stock moves in opposite direction than your plan, it is better to bear small loss rather than wait and let the loss become big.
  • Focus to minimize your financial risk and invest in good stocks for more than a week at least.
  • Long Term Investment in a stock does not mean invest and forget for more than a year. It means invest and check financial values of the stock on quarterly basis and if everything goes well, only then hold it for another quarter.
  • You don’t make loss when the price of your stock falls down from your bought price, you make loss when you sell it at the fallen price.
  • Invest small amount regularly in good stocks rather than big amount in one.
  • Stock Market Investment is not a business to make profit from every deal. It is a business to make profit from average deal.
  • Do not get emotionally attached to the stocks you hold in your portfolio. Sell them at reasonable gain.
  • In Stock Market Investment, Exit Price Target is the most important rule to keep you remain an investor so better fix Exit Price Target in advance for your every stock.
  • To make money from Stock Market your own knowledge is the most faithful tool. So, better update it regularly.
  • In Stock Market Investment Business, once you start taking the blame for your own loss, your mind starts to help you take right decision.
  • In Stock Market Investment, making of profit is possible if you take others' advices but when you follow others' decisions, making of profit becomes a chance for you.
  • Never compete with traders if you are an investor and never compete with investors if you are a trader.

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